Sexymachinery: An Architectural Production: There are ideas in feelings
PRESS RELEASE December 2001
Sexymachinery04 ‘How to disappear is how to appear completely’
Sexymachinery04 is the second printed issue that follows sexymachinery 1 (July 2000).
Externally, it is clad in a hand sewn Jaycloth bag, a material commonly used to wipe kitchen surfaces clean.
You open up the cloth bag and discover ten folded sheets in different sizes, weights and colours.
Magazines are often disposable: sexymachinery is hard to throw away without feeling guilty.
Architecture, we believe, is found as ideas and feelings, matter and memory: it envelops us all.
Contributors have sent us projects, essays, images, missives and dreams. 
How to disappear is how to appear completely is the title of the issue.
Includes work from architects, artists, graphic designers, writers, photographers, a fashion house and others. 
Names include Langlands and Bell; Madelon Vriesendorp and Charlie Koolhaas; Guy Mannes Abbott; East; Hi-res!
sexymachinery has art directed exclusive pieces for Adidas and Mandarina Duck.
Everyone can decide on their own version of sexymachinery04: as posters, as sculptural objects, a book or a magazine. 
Reading sexymachinery04 is never passive: it requires physical engagement, light rigor and strategic curiosity. 
Yes, each sexymachinery is unique; no, each sexymachinery is the same.
Initially available in London at the following outlets: Tate Modern, ICA, Magma, Selfridges, Waterstones Covent Garden, Eyestorm, Zwemmers Art and Architecture, Browns Focus, Pineal Eye, Euphoria, Mint, Triangle Bookshop, Artomatic, RIBA Bookshop
Eine Kooperation mit Architekturstudenten und Grafikern. London, Hamburg, Kopenhagen 2008-2012
Konzept, Design & Umsetzung für Freeform five "Strandest things", London 2004
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